Bernedoodle Service Dogs

Our family is proud to say that since we began breeding in 2002, we have produced several different types of Bernedoodle Service Dogs. To have our dogs play such an important role in the lives of others has been very rewarding. Our Bernedoodle Service Dogs are referred by veterinarians, special needs agencies and professional dog trainers to individuals with Autism, Downs Syndrome, and other special needs. Many of our dogs have also gone on to earn their CGC (Canine Good Citizenship Award), TDI (Therapy Dogs International), Wheel Chair Assistant Dogs certification and Reading for Rover Program certification.

Meet Willy

Willy is one of our inspiring male Bernadoodles who is an Autism Service Dog. Willy’s job is to keep his partner calm and safe when out in public. If his partner has a meltdown, Willy will do a “Lap” where he lays across him providing the deep pressure he needs to self-regulate. Willy is also tethered to his partner as a safety shield, keeping him safe if he were to wander off. With his good looks and beautiful coat, Willy is an eye catcher, but it’s his temperament that makes him perfect for his job as an Autism Service Dog.

We would also like to congratulate Bentley, Buddy, Bascom, Chelsea, and Spot for becoming Service Dogs for their partners and to send a special “thanks” to our little Ambassador, Ratatouille.

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